Vasectomy Side Effects

By | January 8, 2019

Even though this is not a that risky and complicated operation, it’s essential to know vasectomy side effects to be informed as much as possible. In case you and your partner decided to take this step, read the following article to get a general picture of this procedure.

vasectomy side effects important facts

Some families decide to take this step after choosing not to have any more children in the future. The procedure itself is pretty simple, and the result is making a man sterile or unable to impregnate his partner. Around 5 per cent of all married couples decides to undergo sterilization procedure as a way of birth control. Vasectomy includes blocking the tubes through which sperm passes.

This procedure technique involves blocking/cutting tubes, which means that men’s ejaculation will no longer contain sperm, which makes fertilization impossible. Most of the patients can go back to work only after a couple a days after the procedure. Manual labour, hard work or lifting should be avoided in the beginning. Common side effects of vasectomy are feeling pain and swelling in the genital area once the anaesthesia is off.

Maybe the most significant vasectomy side effect is the fact it’s irreversible. Vasectomy itself is simple, but reversing it is complicated and, costs much money and often not successful. Another one is a gradual, still definite decrease in sexual desire. However, studies have shown that this kind of vasectomy side effect was caused by emotional reasons and can be treated with the help of a psychiatrist.

It is also common for some men to develop an immune reaction to their sperm after a vasectomy. This occurs because the body makes antibodies against semen produced in its testicles. Most common vasectomy side effects are not life-threatening or dangerous. Be aware of the fact that vasectomy is a birth control solution, but has no impact on protection against AIDS or any STD. Continue using condoms in any sexual intercourse to protect yourself and your partner.

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