Tegretol Side Effects

By | March 14, 2019

Tegretol side effects and its use will be described in the following article. Tegretol is also sold as Epitol, Calepsin, Sirtal, Finlepsin, Carbatrol, Equetro, Timonil, Amizepin, Biston, Telesmin, Stazepine, Epimaz, Hermolepsin, Teril, Degranol, Trimonil and Carbamaze.

What is Tegretol Used For?

Tegretol is used as a mood stabilizer in people with bipolar disorder and epilepsy. It is also used in treating trigeminal neuralgia (a condition caused by problems with facial nerves). Patients with schizophrenia have sometimes prescribed this medication. Pain and stress are also treated with this drug. If a person suffers from epileptic seizures, Tegretol is often a part of therapy.

Who Shouldn’t Use Tegretol?

Tegretol shouldn’t be used in patients with allergies to Tegretol, those who have problems with bone marrow, blood disorders and heart issues. People who use Nefazodone should not use Tegretol. If you have any of these problems, do not take this drug. See your doctor and consult him about the use of Tegretol. If you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, do not take this drug. If you use any other medicine, including supplements, don’t take Tegretol without your doctor’s permission. If you are sensitive to any food, supplements or medications, you need to tell that to your doctor before you start taking Tegretol. People with eye pressure or seizures should not take this drug unless their doctor told them to do so. If you have a history of kidney disorders, liver problems, heart attack, mental problems, hypertension, increased cholesterol or multiple sclerosis – do not take this drug.

What Are Tegretol Side Effects?

Tegretol side effects are manifested through headaches, coordination problems, migraines and stomach problems. Hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, depression, prolonged infections and water retention can also occur in some patients. Breathing difficulties and increased blood pressure are possible Tegretol side effects as well. This drug can also cause liver disorders. Some patients can experience a decrease in sodium levels in the blood. Tegretol can also cause nausea, appetite loss, tiredness, muscle weakness, muscle cramps, irritability, confusion and hallucination.

There are also some side effects that occur rarely, but they are possible. Those are blurred vision and aplastic anemia.

Before you start taking this drug, you must speak to your doctor. Remember to tell your doctor all about your medical history and your present health problems. If you are taking other drugs or any supplements, you will have to report that to your doctor as well.

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