Synthroid Side Effects

By | March 8, 2019

Synthroid is used in treating thyroid problems like hypothyroidism or problems with the enlarged thyroid gland but can cause certain side effects you should know about. It is a synthetic hormone prescribed to patients who lack thyroid hormone for any reason.

Synthroid side effects can occur if a patient takes a very high dose. In those cases, side effects are nervousness, insomnia, headache and changes in one’s appetite. One can also experience allergic reactions like breathing difficulties, short breath, face and tongue swelling. Synthroid overdose may lead to hypoglycemia, serious heart problems (sometimes even heart failure), fever and even coma.

No need to say that an overdose can be lethal, so be very careful when using this medication. Overdose effects will not occur right away. They will probably appear several hours (five or six hours) after taking Synthroid. Sometimes they can occur after a couple of days or even after a week.

If you notice that your appetite is increased, but you are constantly losing your weight – this is an alert, so visit your doctor right away. There are some more side effects reported like hot feeling, sweating, fever, anxiety, sleeping disorders (inability to sleep normally), weakness in muscles, heart problems (like tachycardia or sometimes even a heart attack); blood pressure changes (it gets considerably higher than normal); pain in chest, breathing difficulties, stomachaches and cramps, vomiting and diarrhea; fragile bones, hair loss and fertility. Some patients may experience seizures.

If you are using other drugs or dealing with other health problems – those are additional reasons why you should consult your doctor about Synthroid and its possible side effects. Even if you do not have any other health issues, you should still be careful and get all the information about Synthroid directly from your physician.

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