Nitric Oxide Side Effects

By | January 11, 2019

Since lately, nitric oxide has become a prevalent supplement, but before starting using it, make sure to be informed about nitric oxide side effects as well. Bodybuilders use this dietary supplement often to increase muscle blood flow.

Nitric Oxide side effects

Nitric oxide products usually promise several changes, like significant gain in muscle mass, quicker recovery, fasten twitch muscle and more strength. That happens because arteries in the body get wider, blood flow increases, which has to provide more oxygen and nutrients to muscles as a result.

In that way, muscles become firmer and stronger. Besides all the positive sides of nitric oxide, get to know the side effects, too. One of the most common side effects when using NO at first are nausea and mild headache to migraines. Some bodybuilders have felt great weakness along with diarrhea issues.

There were even cases where people collapsed after starting consuming nitric oxide. Milder and more common signs of side effects may be heart beating faster, dry mouth, irritation of the skin and remaining extra water in your body. Nitric oxide side effects can get dangerous if taken in more significant amounts. That can lead to breathing issues, throwing up, itching, possible asthma etc.

Those can be followed by sweating in high amounts or even tremors right after taking this dietary supplement. If you think, mentioned side effects are severe, and you should be aware that there could be severe and severe health problems. In case bodybuilder has issues with blood poisoning, a significant amount of nitric oxide is produced in his body. Then his blood pressure can drop so low, and it is possible to cause death in only several minutes.

According to one study, 13% of bodybuilder using nitric oxide have had hypotension. Also, pay attention to any symptom of hyperglycemia as part of metabolism condition. Even after getting to know these nitric oxide side effects, don’t be afraid to ask for expert’s opinion on any symptom you might have.

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