Mirena Side Effects

By | March 9, 2019

Mirena is widely used, and most of us have heard about it, but what do you know about Mirena side effects? Mirena is a contraceptive made of smooth plastic. It is put into the uterus where it can stay for as long as you wish but not longer than five years.

If you use Mirena, you do not have to use any other method of contraception. The only thing you have to do is to have the threads checked monthly. Mirena is considered to be very efficient when it comes to birth control. The good thing about Mirena is that it will allow you to get pregnant as soon as you remove it. Also, if you belong to the group of women with difficult periods, Mirena can help in bleeding reduction. If you are planning to use Mirena, the right time would be during the first seven days starting from your period.

Regardless of its efficiency, Mirena can have side effects. Uterine perforation can be one of them and may lead to infection or scarring. In some cases, Mirena can increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. This happens because vaginal walls become thinner. Mirena can prevent pregnancy, but can not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Mirena is not recommended to women who have just had an abortion. In these cases, before placing Mirena, a woman has to go to the ultrasound check. In some cases, menstrual bleeding may considerably reduce or even disappear after a year or so. In some women, there can be irregular bleeding as well, but this side effect usually goes away in a short time (within a month).

If you are a breastfeeding mother, do not use Mirena until you speak to your doctor about it. There are different opinions on Mirena effects in breastfeeding women, so if you want to be sure, the safest thing to do is to talk to your physician first.

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