Milk Thistle Side Effects

By | January 5, 2019

Being aware of milk thistle side effects should help you in getting the bigger picture when it comes to using this herb for liver treatment. There are numerous studies on animals, demonstrating the effects on health, but not.

Facts about milk thistle side effects

Usage of milk thistle is common to humankind for almost two thousand years, particularly for different liver diseases and conditions (liver inflammation, cirrhosis, liver damage or gallbladder infections). It can also help in the way of decreasing cholesterol levels and reduce chances for cancer cells to grow more.

Milk thistle side effects are insignificant and not common at all, but knowing them can help in some conditions. Consuming milk thistle in high numbers can lead to minimal to severe headaches. It is possible for this supplement to make a mild laxative effect, as well. Right after that, problems with gases may occur, upset stomach and bloating, too. You might feel weak in general and need to rest a bit.

Some patients have reported insomnia, which can also lead to weakness, tiredness and fatigue. There were even a few cases of impotence and general sexual life by that. Some other side effects of milk thistle usage could be skin issues like rashes, problems related to heart, loss of appetite etc. All of these milk thistle side effects, if shown, are usually mild and not too dangerous. There are bigger ones, and those could be itching, swelling of the lip are, throat, sometimes tongue or even the whole face.

If they get combined, that kind of condition can lead to breathing problems. Using anything in higher doses than prescripted is harmful, and the same is with milk thistle. Do not consume it in more significant amount than your body should in order not to overdose and have problems with milk thistle side effects we mentioned.

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