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Pneumonia Vaccine Side Effects

When it comes to pneumonia vaccine side effects, there is a heated debate about whether the vaccine can cause serious side effects or not. Companies that are producing the vaccine claim that it’s adverse side effects are within limits. Pneumonia Vaccine and side effects Pneumonia is a lung disease that has a characteristic inflammation of… Read More »

Radiation Therapy Side Effects

Radiation therapy is the use of ionizing radiation in medical purposes such as cancer treatment. Radiation therapy is in usage for the last one hundred years. There are three types of side effects from radiation therapy: acute, long-term and cumulative. Side effects of radiation therapy The main acute side effect is skin irritation like that… Read More »

L-Lysine Side Effects

L-Lysine (or Lysine) is used to treat herpes simplex and can cause mild side effects in a patient. It is tested to see whether it can help in fighting osteoporosis. Lysine is an essential amino acid and as such cannot be synthesized in the human body, but instead, it has to be taken from another… Read More »

Nitric Oxide Side Effects

Since lately, nitric oxide has become a prevalent supplement, but before starting using it, make sure to be informed about nitric oxide side effects as well. Bodybuilders use this dietary supplement often to increase muscle blood flow. Nitric Oxide side effects Nitric oxide products usually promise several changes, like significant gain in muscle mass, quicker… Read More »

Spirulina Side Effects

Besides having all the right sides of the presented supplement, be sure to find out spirulina side effects as well to be aware of all possible risks. Read the following article to get the whole spirulina picture. Spirulina side effects For over thirty years, spirulina has been widely used as nutrition supplement all over the… Read More »

Side Effects of Soy Milk

More and more people drink this healthy beverage as enjoyment, but are there side effects of soy milk? Most of the population still drink cow’s milk primarily, but should we transfer completely to soy milk or not? soy milk and side effect Knowing that soy milk contains the same amount of proteins as cow’s milk,… Read More »

Vasectomy Side Effects

Even though this is not a that risky and complicated operation, it’s essential to know vasectomy side effects to be informed as much as possible. In case you and your partner decided to take this step, read the following article to get a general picture of this procedure. vasectomy side effects important facts Some families… Read More »

Side Effects of Turmeric

Nowadays, people have recognized the right sides of this herb when using in medicine, but make sure to read all about the side effects of turmeric before actually taking it. Turmeric is a herb that has a special place in traditional Indian medicine because they recognized all the benefits and power of it. Facts about… Read More »

Muscle Milk Side Effects

Always make sure to know all sides of dietary supplements you are using, especially muscle milk side effects. Many people involved with bodybuilding use muscle milk to improve their fitness and physique. The vital fact about muscle milk side effects Muscle milk is a supplement which muscle growth and is full of proteins. It also… Read More »

Milk Thistle Side Effects

Being aware of milk thistle side effects should help you in getting the bigger picture when it comes to using this herb for liver treatment. There are numerous studies on animals, demonstrating the effects on health, but not. Facts about milk thistle side effects Usage of milk thistle is common to humankind for almost two… Read More »